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HiWayFX Forex Trading Accounts

HiWayFX is a global broker and acts as the medium between a trader and a network of banks. Before you start trading with HiWayFX, you need to consider certain guidelines to ensure efficient management of your trading account.
The first step requires you to register a forex trading account. Opening an account is actually very simple and is quite similar to opening a bank account. The types of trading accounts offered by HiWayFX are variable depending on your preferences. All of the trading accounts here give you a personal account manager, free economic calendars and educational videos. Also, for all accounts, the currency used for depositing is Euros.

Standard NDD Account
The first one is, the Standard NDD (Non Dealing Desk) account. It is one of the most basic accounts as one can start trading with only a deposit of as low as 20 dollars (US). The Standard NDD allows a 5 digit pricing quote.
The features of this account include a spread of market from 0.8 pips. This account gives a leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000. It is a Swap free account and Hedging is possible. There is 0 commission involved. The locked margin, margin call level and stop out level are at 50, 100 and 20 percent respectively.

ECN NDD Account
The second one is, ECN NDD. This account is well suited for a more innovative type of a trader. To start trading with this account one has to deposit 1000 dollars (US). This, like the standard account is also NDD type.
The features include a spread of market from 0 pips. Leverage is 1:1 to 1:500, while commission is 0.002 percent. Locked margin, margin call level and stop out level are at 50, 100 and 50 percent respectively. Hedging and scalping is possible.

Zulu Trade
The third type is ZULU TRADE. This is best for those traders who are new to forex trading or do not have substantial experience with Forex. There is no need to monitor the market when you use this account. It only requires to pick the best signal providers and this account will do the rest for you. One has to deposit 100 dollars initially to start.
The features are: leverage of 1:300, locked margin, margin call level and stop out level are the same as the standard account. The commission depends on the spread that can be higher than other accounts. Hedging is possible.

The fourth is MyFxBook which is basically a diagnostic tool for the accounts. It allows you to check your trades and update your trading systems. It also records all the trading data. A deposit of 1000 dollars is required. Leverage is of 500.

Demo Accounts
There are DEMO STANDARD and ECN NDD DEMO ACCOUNT. These are optimal for those who want to learn about trading forex without any associated risks. There are a lot of advantages of using HiWayFX’s demo accounts as they impart the fundamental knowledge about trading forex, the knowhow of using different tools and data to your advantage in the forex world. As HiWayFX offers different educational stuff as well, using these demo accounts will be perfect for starters to learn how to manage their trades.
Eventually when one has learned about trading forex and managing trades, he/she can start a real account with HiWayFX.
The Demo Standard account gives all the features as a real Standard NDD account gives with a spread from 0 pips and a leverage from 1:1 to 1:500. To start this demo account one has to deposit 100000 dollars (US).

No matter what your trading needs are or how experienced you are in forex, there’s always a HiWayFX account that is for you.

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